Obsessed about clouds (super cool Cumulonimbus up there...), enjoying cloud-spotting from Bristol, UK

About AGA


AGA SZEWCZYK is a social documentary photographer and visual researcher with many years of experience gained through UWE Bristol BA Photography Professional Practice where she focused on photographing aspects of mobilities, identities and migration, having previously obtained a Doctorate in Human Geography and Migration at Loughborough University. Aga is also a freelance wedding and family photographer: www.agaszewczyk.com

"My prevailing academic research themes around socio-geographical mobility and migration subsequently fed into my diverse photography research projects. Currently these embrace the connection between spaces, relationships, and emotions, with a focus on love and space.

It is the ‘spaces’ that fascinate me and the dynamics of changes occurring within them through individual’s interactions which are associated with love, affection and caring.

As the tide goes away it residues stones on the sand that make temporary imprints, until another tide comes in and allocates them to a different place. These are the micro changes that we barely notice.

What happens when a couple in love enters a beach, stands on the sand and shows one another affection? Their gentle space and time imprint lasts until the next tide of people washes away the loving soft embrace, gentle hair stroke, peck on the lips...

What remains?"